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About Suboxone

Subox FAQs
SUBOXONE (buprenorphine and naloxone) is an FDA approved medication that is used to fight opioid or painkiller addiction. It suppresses withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings while blocking the effects of other opioids for at least 24 hours. Buprenorphine does not cause the euphoria that opioid drugs are associated with. Our Outreach physicians will assess your current situation and put you on a prescription regimen that will give you the best chance of success.
Most popular Frequently asked questions

  • How long has suboxone been around?

    Buprenorphine was discovered in 1966 as an alternative to morphine with the potential to treat narcotic addiction. The FDA approved buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone) for opioid use disorder in 2002. In subsequent years, various other formulations of bup...

  • What happens before my first MAT appointment?

    You’ll speak with an admissions team member who will answer your questions about our program and what we offer, and we’ll also ask you questions to try to ensure that our program will be a helpful fit for your care.

    We’ll also walk you through som...

  • How to talk to your doctor about taking Suboxone?

    Doctors currently require a special license (called a Suboxone “waiver”) to prescribe buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone) (although this may change over time). Therefore, not all doctors can prescribe Suboxone. If you have a primary care doctor or a psych...

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