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We Can Play a Vital Role in the Addiction Continuum of Care

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We Treat Most Addictions and Partner with Quality Partners to Ensure That Care is Provided By Experts in Addiction Medicine
  • What is the Addiction Treatment Continuum of Care?
    At Outreach, we provide Outpatient Treatment Services which is important component on the Road to Recovery

    We work with addiction professionals in aspects of the addiction spectrum, from acute detox and inpatient to long term recovery solutions like support groups and sober living.

  • At Outreach Recovery, we are a group of passionate health
    Outpatient Services- Medical care supported by physicians and counselors to maintain support provided by more intensive serices

    This is Our Part of the Continuum!!!

  • Inpatient Addiction Services-
    Inpatient Addiction Services-

    Usually the most acute part of the continuum includes detox and residential treatment.

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    Intensive Outpatient Services-

    Usually the step down from Inpatient Care. Still providing intensive support and care for the drug-addicted

Types of Addictions We Treat

We treat our patients in an outpatient setting so they continue normal routines except without the dependency on harmful drugs. Patients respond very quickly in an overwhelmingly positive manner and most are able to get their lives back on track starting with their first visit. 

Here Is A Video That Briefly Describes Suboxone
Listen to Some Patients Who Have Used Suboxone Share Their Experiences

Medication-Assisted Treatment: Suboxone l The Partnership

Two recovering individuals with an opioid addiction and their families share their stories. They share what led them to seek help and the success they have had in recovery using the drug Suboxone. Subscribe to Partnership For Drug-Free Kids At the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, we are committed to helping families struggling with their son or daughter's substance use.

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