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How outpatient addiction treatment centers work

February 8, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Outreach Recovery
How outpatient addiction treatment centers work

Recovering from addiction is often a long and challenging process. When inpatient recovery isn’t an option, outpatient addiction recovery can prove useful. Additionally, we’ve found that some patients require an outpatient program when transitioning from an inpatient setting to their former life.

At Outreach Recovery, our team of expert physicians provides outpatient addiction recovery throughout the greater Washington DC and Philadelphia area. Whether you’re looking to recover from an addition yourself or you’re trying to help a loved one, it’s useful to know how our services work.

What does outpatient addiction recovery involve?

Much like residential programs, outpatient addiction recovery involves helping addicts withdraw from their substance of choice. Depending on the nature of your addiction, we may choose to use a combination of psychological and medical therapies. Our approach involves tackling both the mental and physical elements of recovery, which gives you the best chance of beating your addiction.

One of the greatest advantages of our outpatient addiction recovery is that you can fit it around your other responsibilities. While remaining as dedicated to your recovery as those who provide inpatient programs, we help our patients remain in their home setting while building a life of sobriety. In the past, we’ve found that this is particularly advantageous for those who can’t stop their work and family commitments during their treatment. By providing a flexible approach to battling drug addiction, we make it easier to become sober.

Who could benefit from outpatient addiction recovery?

Our patients from throughout the greater Washington DC and Philadelphia areas come from all walks of life. From parents who don’t want to leave their families to those who feel more comfortable remaining at home, we’ve served a broad range of individuals in the past.

Based on our experience, we’ve found that the following types of people are most likely to benefit from outpatient addiction recovery at addiction treatment centers:

  • Those suffering from mild substance abuse disorders
  • Patients who want to transition from a residential program to the outside world gently
  • Individuals who can’t afford the expenses that come with inpatient treatments
  • Individuals who have a strong network of support at home

In order to ensure your recovery is successful, we advise considering whether you can commit to regular appointments and support meetings. At Outreach Recovery, we fully commit ourselves to making sure each person who comes to us can enjoy a life free from substance abuse.

How can patients make the most of their recovery journey?

Committing to freeing yourself from substance abuse is a significant step. Whether you’re dependant on prescription opioids or you suspect you’re suffering from alcoholism, now’s an excellent time for you to move forward with your life.

After making the decision to become sober, there are ways to make your journey to recovery a success:

Complement your time with an outpatient addiction treatment center with the right support

If you’re aware that there are certain environments and social settings that will make recovering difficult, now’s the time to free yourself from them. During the course of your treatment, we’ll do all we can to help you stay away from triggering situations. As part of this process, you may want to identify friends and family who can support you.

Commit to regular therapy sessions

Whether you’re given Suboxone or you’re moving through a period of CBT, making a regular commitment is the secret to success. With our ongoing efforts and your determination, a sober way of life will become possible.

Help us help you

At Outreach Recovery, we want to help our patients throughout the Washington DC and Philadelphia areas to help themselves. One way to achieve this is to work with us to remove your external stressors. If you have an understanding of what triggers your addiction, come to us for resolutions.

If you feel as though outpatient addiction recovery is right for you, call us at 877-203-5091.