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Dr. Martin is great!  Great Location. Prescribed Suboxone and offered wonderful resources like a great counselor and support group to help with my recovery.


Current Patient

At Outreach Recovery, we take pride in bringing a new level of care and compassion to Addiction community.

Dr. Tham

Maryland Lead Physician

We are in this to save lives!  We saw that the Philly community needed our help and we are here to serve.

Dr. Purewal

PA/NJ Lead Physician

Outreach Recovery has Drug Addiction Clinics throughout the Mid Atlantic Region

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We are drug addiction treatment specialists with locations across Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington DC.  We offer substance abuse treatment with experienced addiction doctors and addiction therapists to provide ongoing recovery treatment as well as prescribing Suboxone, Vivitrol, and other withdrawal and maintenence medications that have been shown to be very effective for treating addiction.

Outreach Recovery has Drug Addiction Clinics throughout the Mid Atlantic Region

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