Medical Cannabis for Opioid Addiction

The Pennsylvania Department of Health approved two major changes to the state’s medical marijuana program on Monday. First, the health department added opioid addiction to the list of conditions eligible for treatment with medicinal cannabis. With that decision, Pennsylvania joins New Jersey as the only two states that have done so.
Medical Cannabis Info
Types Of Marijuana Used For Medicinal Purposes

There are different strains of marijuana used to medicate from. These are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. Dependent on what one is medicating for will determine the dominant strain of marijuana one uses. Each has its own particular benefits.

There are also hybrid strains used to place more specificity on symptom relief. These hybrid strains range from indica dominant to sativa dominant. Depending on ones own particular medical circumstances will dictate whether or not a hybrid strain is prescribed.

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    How Long Does The Process Take to Get Certified

    The process is relatively short and pain free. You will come in for an initial consult with one of our licensed doctors within our network. Upon completion of the screening with the doctor to determine eligibility, you will be ushered to a representative to have the various cannabinoids, cannabis, and the many forms of intake explained to you. After that, you will be given your medical card, if approved of and deemed medically fit by the doctor.

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