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Outreach Primary Care

We are a group of expert clinicians focusing on Primary Care. We take a patient-centered approach to treating each person who comes to us for Primary Care Services. Primary Care includes disease prevention, wellness visits, health promotion, patient education, diagnostic care of acute and chronic illnesses, and more. Let our team of physicians help you maintain a healthy life!
Learn More About Our Primary Care and Wellness Services

At Outreach We Take Feeling Great and Living Healthy Seriously!

  • Annual Wellness Exams

    Care begins with our Physicians getting to know you. When you schedule an appointment with Outreach, our Physicians care about your well-being. Ensure that your health is staying on track with an Annual Wellness Exam.

  • Diagnostic Care

    Whether you are feeling ill, have chronic pain, or are in need of other diagnostic services, Outreach is here for you. Our Physicians will listen to your concerns and accurately guide you through the correct steps of treatment.

  • Medical Evaluation and Treatment

    Wellness begins within. At Outreach, our Primary Care Physicians can help diagnose and treat many different issues. Some issues we can evaluate and treat are Chronic Illnesses such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid problems; Cardiovascular Disorders; Musculoskeletal problems, and general wellness issues.

  • Referral to Specialist

    Outreach can provide many different healthcare services including Primary Care, Mental Health Counseling, Psychiatric Medication Management, and Medication Assisted Addiction Treatment. If one of our Physicians cannot assist with your health, we will refer you to a specialist.