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Psychiatric Intervention Services

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Psychiatric intervention services at OutreachPsychiatric intervention services are designed to help individuals who are struggling with mental health issues. These services can include individual and family therapy, group therapy, medication management, crisis intervention and community resources. Therapists use various techniques to address different mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance use, and eating disorders. A key component of treatment is helping people develop coping skills and strategies to manage their mental health.

At Outreach Recovery, we are dedicated to helping all our patients heal from symptoms and underlying issues alike. To learn more about our compassionate psychiatric services, contact us at 888.897.9284 today. Our mental health treatment aims to help you achieve the life you deserve.

Psychological Evaluations

Our psychiatric intervention services begin with an evaluation. A psychological evaluation is when a licensed professional checks with a series of assessments and questions whether you are experiencing a mental health problem. Patients are first walked through a mental status exam, where appearance, motor activity, insight, judgment, memory, and behavior will be assessed. Safety issues, whether suicidal, homicidal, or self-injurious behaviors are assessed, and addressed.

Then, the patient’s presenting issues are discussed. After that, the patient’s background is discussed including:

  • Past psychiatric history
    Family history of mental health issues or addiction
  • Any medical conditions
  • Medications
  • Trauma history
  • Substance use history
  • Social history
  • Educational and occupational history
  • Strengths and limitations

The patient is diagnosed by the professional if they meet certain criteria for a mental health condition. At this point, the patient is usually scheduled for ongoing counseling and other services within Outreach Recovery. All psychiatric evaluations and psychotropic medication recommendations are made at the end of the session.

Psychiatric Intervention Services

Crisis Interventions

Counselor or mental health professional meets with an unstabilized patient with the sole focus on stabilizing them. Incidents that may require a crisis intervention include:

  • When a loved one passes away
  • Getting bullied at school
  • Becoming incarcerated or homeless
  • Experience a global pandemic

There are any number of ways that a normally functioning person would suddenly have issues adjusting to a “new” normal. There are many crisis intervention models that all follow certain stages but achieve similar results.

We often rely on the Roberts’s Seven-Stage Crisis Intervention Model when treating patients:

  • Stage 1: Assess lethality
  • Stage 2: Establish rapport
  • Stage 3: Identify problems
  • Stage 4: Deal with feelings
  • Stage 5: Explore alternatives
  • Stage 6: Develop an action plan
  • Stage 7: Follow-up

Each person is different, and we try to personalize our treatment as much as possible.

Mental Health Intervention

Outreach Recovery services offer a comprehensive mental health intervention program designed to help individuals cope with their mental health issues. Our team of experienced professionals provides individualized care tailored to the unique needs of each client. We offer both in-person and virtual counseling sessions, allowing our clients to access assistance in the manner best suited for them.

Some of the mental health tools we teach include:

  • Stress management – We teach strategies to help manage and reduce stress, such as deep breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization techniques, and more.
  • Depression and anxiety relief – We provide practical techniques to help cope with depression and anxiety, like positive self-talk, journaling, reframing negative thoughts, and practicing holistic wellness.
  • Cognitive–behavioral therapy (CBT) – CBT is a type of psychotherapy that helps people identify and challenge distorted thinking patterns to reduce symptoms of mental health issues like depression or anxiety. Our team can help you recognize and change these patterns through CBT-based activities like journaling, goal setting, and mindfulness exercises.

Regardless of mental health condition, we are here to help you heal.

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Our friendly staff is available to answer your questions and help you find the right appointment time for you. We understand that life can be unpredictable, and we will do our best to accommodate any scheduling changes you may need. Contact us today at 888.897.9284 to learn how our psychiatric intervention services can benefit you or a loved one.