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How Suboxone Doctors Provide In-Home Treatment in Waldorf

Addiction can consume all aspects of your life, from work to family to your hobbies and interests. When you’re ready to confront addiction, the traditional models of rehab and therapy may not be right for you. At-home addiction treatment offers comfort and convenience to individuals who can’t take time off work, have a family depending on them, or aren’t comfortable with in-patient rehab. Overcoming addiction is in reach like never before, thanks to suboxone doctors in Waldorf, MD. You can get addiction recovery treatment at home with an exceptional level of care.

Initial call with an admissions specialist

Call a compassionate, judgment-free admission specialist with Outreach Recovery whenever it’s convenient to you. They’ll engage you in a casual but comprehensive conversation about your behavioral health history and insurance provider. Your admissions call is the first step in establishing a telehealth relationship with Outreach Recovery.

They’ll help you schedule an intake appointment and answer questions you have about in-home treatment from a suboxone doctor. You’ll also get a link to fill out intake forms online. It’s one of the many ways home treatment eliminates the long waits in waiting rooms filling out endless forms longhand.

Drug testing at home or a convenient location

To develop a customized treatment plan, our suboxone doctors use information from your admission call along with the results of a drug test. Our Licensed Care Providers will customize a treatment program that you can participate in from the comfort of your home.

Outreach Recovery will send you a drug test to your home––or you can visit a convenient Labcorp or Quest Diagnostic location. While we provide responsive care, you can begin your recovery treatment as it’s convenient to you. Because delivering prompt care is our top priority, we offer several options for timely care when you need it.

Determination of treatment plan and meeting with a care provider

A Waldorf suboxone doctor reviews the test results and behavioral health history to determine the home treatment that will work best for your recovery plan. You meet with a Licensed Treatment Provider to ask any questions about treatment and provide an overview of the at-home recovery process.

Through telemedicine and home nurses, you always have access to care providers who can offer prompt solutions to whatever hurdles you encounter in your recovery. From the admissions call through the intake appointment, the process can take six to 48 hours to complete.

Get support and additional services when you need them

Even if in-patient treatment isn’t the right fit for your recovery, that doesn’t mean you need to go through recovery without support or community. Suboxone doctors in Waldorf, MD, provide more than just a prescription. Addiction affects individuals spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. That’s why Outreach Recovery offers a range of services to our patients, with virtual and in-person options for unparalleled convenience.

Our services include individual and group counseling for addiction-specific support. Plus wellness services to help the body restore homeostasis after years of addiction.

Outreach Recovery provides Waldorf, MD, with suboxone doctors for in-home recovery treatments.

Everything we do is for the benefit of our patients, providing primary care, addiction treatment, psychiatric medication management, and case management. Our approach addresses our patients’ medical, spiritual, and biopsychosocial needs and their families following addiction.

By following evidence-based treatment that incorporates medicine, spirituality, and therapy, we can help people not only recover from addiction but heal their souls and their families. Whatever approach you’re most comfortable with, we’ll adapt to meet your needs, even on tight deadlines.

If you’re interested in a new approach to addiction recovery, discuss in-home treatment with our Waldorf, MD, suboxone doctors.