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How Telemedicine Services Can Support Your Recovery

Traditional addiction recovery services have been the same for decades. Whether you’re checking into a facility for inpatient treatment or going to an outpatient facility daily, patients have been visiting doctors and therapists in person. This has been the same until recently when telemedicine services were introduced as a new branch of addiction care. At Outreach Recovery, we can provide you with these services to help with your recovery. If you’re unsure how telemedicine will benefit you, we have a short guide below that can help.

Private conversations

Anytime we’re having a conversation with a medical provider, we want it to be private. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about addiction or a common cold, the need for privacy is completely normal and it’s something we all have a right to. Telehealth services are an excellent way to ensure you get this privacy because you can be in a room by yourself speaking with your provider on the phone or a video chat. If you’re worried about someone in the other room hearing your doctor’s side of the conversation, you can put in headphones. The same goes for the doctor. The entire conversation is completely private without the worry of any outside listening ears listening in.

Easily accessible

Health care has never been as easily accessible as it is with telemedicine. With devices that send text messages and make video calls literally at our fingertips, it’s easy to get ahold of your doctor, therapist, or sponsor for support or help in a time of need. This accessibility is a big deal because it makes it much easier for patients who live in underserved or rural areas to receive the necessary therapy they need to overcome their addictions.

Flexible scheduling

No matter what your condition is, one of the most difficult parts about getting in to see your doctor is fitting into your schedule. With telemedicine services, you can be much more flexible as there’s no travel time to account for, and time spent in the waiting room is effectively eliminated. When it comes to recovery, timing is everything so it’s important that you’re able to see your provider when you can in order to continue to receive the treatment to help keep you on the road to recovery.


One of the major issues faced with the healthcare system is that the cost is overbearing on many patients. Telemedicine has helped to ease that burden on many people by eliminating much of the overhead costs attached to providing services in a clinic. Some of these costs include exam beds, waiting room furniture, and miscellaneous equipment to accommodate patients. With telemedicine, providers can eliminate nearly all costs and focus directly on the patient, which makes for a more affordable doctor visit.

Program continuation

It’s not uncommon for recovery programs to end prior to when a patient is ready to move on to the next step. Even if they are ready, it’s never a bad thing to continue to have support readily available. With the help of a telemedicine program, patients can continue meeting with doctors and therapists to keep their programs running.

Schedule an appointment

If you’d like to continue your recovery program via telemedicine services with Outreach Recover, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We can assist you in setting up a program with our doctors that specialize in addiction recovery and counseling. Give us a call at 888.897.9284 or send us a message using our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you continue on the road to recovery.