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What Are the Best Mental Health Services in Waldorf, MD, for Addiction Recovery?

It’s no secret that millions of Americans suffer from substance abuse disorders. In fact, research from 2017 shows that over 20.7 million Americans needed treatment that year for substance abuse, but only 2.5 million received treatment.

To overcome addiction, one must go through individualized treatments and modalities to address the symptoms and underlying causes of the disease. This is in addition to understanding how substance abuse affects different areas of one’s life, from the ability to socialize to consequences at work, home, or school. Luckily, many types of counseling and behavior and mental health services are available to help someone recover from addiction.

This article will discuss the different types of mental health services available to you in Waldorf, MD.

Types and levels of addiction treatment and recovery

Depending on the severity of the treatment you or your loved one need, you may require a lower level of care or inpatient recovery to help you on your path to long-term recovery. The following are the types of rehab where mental health and therapy are utilized in your recovery:

  • Inpatient rehab. Inpatient and residential rehab programs allow the patient to live in the facility and undergo supervised treatment with structured care plans tailored to their addiction recovery. The length of these programs varies from a few weeks to months and may be followed with further outpatient rehab. Some inpatient rehab programs offer 24/7 monitoring from licensed professionals to ensure no relapses.
  • Outpatient rehab. Outpatient programs allow patients to attend therapy and receive treatment on their own time, meaning they do not have to live or be on-site constantly for recovery. Some outpatient rehabs may be located at a substance abuse treatment center, while others may be at a community health clinic. These programs offer a lot of flexibility to work around your life and work schedule.

Addiction Therapy Programs

With addiction recovery, behavioral therapy is the most utilized treatment as it can be adapted into various practical techniques. These include:

  • Individual therapy. This is where patients partake in treatment guided by a therapist in a 1:1 format.
  • Cognitive behavior therapy. This type of therapy encourages clients to question and examine recurring thoughts to help eliminate anything negative and unhealthy. It also helps patients identify and recognize their maladaptive behaviors.
  • Contingency management. This can also be effective in treating substance abuse disorders and is centered on providing material rewards as motivation for desirable behaviors.

If you or a loved one is interested in mental health services in Waldorf, MD, get in touch with Outreach Recovery.

Outreach Recovery offers a range of services for people to overcome addiction and establish a sound foundation for a successful recovery. Our federally licensed Suboxone doctors can prescribe various medications to treat patients and help them move into recovery.

It can take years for a person’s brain to recover from opioid or drug use, and we don’t approach any patient’s recovery as a quick fix or a cure-all. Instead, we offer support and medication to begin a successful recovery. Find out more in our frequently asked questions, or contact the area manager to discuss your treatment options today.