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Addiction Rehab In Marlton, NJ

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Several people in addiction rehab in Marlton, NJAddiction is not something you can just get over in a few days. In fact, peak withdrawals do not occur until 72 hours after your last drink or smoke and can last for several weeks. Enrolling in addiction rehab in Marlton, NJ, becomes necessary for anyone who can’t stop their substance abuse without professional support. Marlton is in Burlington County with a population of just over 10,000, and is one of the best places to live in New Jersey.1

Outreach Recover delivers effective addiction treatment in Marlton, NJ, for anyone who needs help breaking their addiction to alcohol, cocaine, meth, or other dangerous substances. Our facility delivers inpatient and outpatient treatment programs to see you through every stage of recovery, from detox to continued sober living.

If you live near our Marlton, NJ, location and need addiction treatment, get in touch with our team today by calling 888.897.9284 to schedule a tour.

Finding Addiction Rehab in Marlton, NJ

Addiction is a mental health disorder that creates a physical dependence on drugs and alcohol as well as mental cravings and strong suggestions to keep using. Even if you want to quit, your body and mind are not capable of handling a sudden stop very well. You have caused a situation where your body needs a constant supply just to feel normal.

When should you find addiction treatment in Marlton, NJ? Addiction does more than just cause painful withdrawals and powerful cravings. It can be very disruptive to your career, schoolwork, and relationships. Common signs that you need to enroll in addiction rehab include:

  • Needing to take more just to feel the same high
  • Using money for bills and other expenses to buy more drugs
  • Work or school performance begins to suffer
  • Ignoring personal responsibilities to get high
  • A decline in personal hygiene

At Outreach Recovery, our therapy programs at our Marlton, NJ, location help New Jersians who want to break their addiction and lead a healthy and sober lifestyle. Our addiction recovery programs are tailored to the individual and include behavioral and holistic therapies and medication-assisted treatment.

What to Expect from Mental Health Treatment in Marlton, NJ

Enrolling in a substance use disorder program for the first time can be unsettling, but it is the smart choice to make for a safe recovery. To help ease your fears, here are some things you can expect after enrolling in mental health treatment in Marlton, NJ:

Health Assessment

One of the first steps in a recovery program is to run a full physical and mental health assessment. This allows therapists to get a better understanding of the severity of the disorder, its cause, and the types of therapies and medication to treat all symptoms. Addiction rehab programs include 24/7 residential treatment and outpatient treatment options.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Using medication to treat substance use disorders is safe and only available through an accredited addiction treatment facility. Medical staff will administer medications and monitor patients throughout the program. They will make adjustments to the dosage for maximum results with minimal side effects.

Private Therapy Sessions

During one-on-one conversations with a therapist, they will use behavioral therapy to teach you how to manage symptoms and triggers better and find new, healthier actions and behaviors to prevent future drug or alcohol abuse.

Group Therapy

In group sessions, you will participate in various holistic therapies with your peers to practice coping skills and learn that it is OK to talk about your feelings. Group discussions, role-playing games, nature walks, and animal-assisted therapy are just some of the therapies used in group sessions.

Relationship Therapy

Another important benefit of addiction therapy is it can help you rebuild broken relationships caused by substance abuse. Therapists will work with spouses, parents, and children to help everyone resolve any lingering conflicts and learn how to build a stable home environment.

Enroll in Outreach Recovery’s Marlton, NJ, Location Today to Begin Addiction Recovery

Enrolling in addiction therapy programs in Marlton, NJ, is imperative for anyone with a strong addiction that they are unable to break alone. Addiction rehab lowers the rates of relapse just after completing recovery and long into the future.

Outreach Recovery’s addiction rehab in Marlton, NJ, is off 73 Interstate and Greentree Road, across from the Whole Foods Market. Our facility welcomes all New Jersey residents who want help stopping their addiction to alcohol, heroin, prescription opioids, and other narcotics. Each program includes a number of different types of therapies that have proven results in treating substance use disorders.

Take that first step toward a better life by calling 888.897.9284 today to speak with our team about your addiction recovery.

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