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5 Things You Need To Know About Outreach Recovery

The current drug and substance menace has taken a toll on the entire world today. At Outreach Recovery our main goal is to hold on those trying to reach out for help to fight drug addiction. We offer rehabilitation services to everyone who reaches out to us for assistance. That said, below are 5 things that we feel you need to know about us.

1. Drug Addictions We Treat

Here at Outreach Recovery, we focus on helping you overcome drug addiction. We have a highly trained and certified team of specialist who works tirelessly with our patients to help them escape drug addictions including;

• Heroin

• Opiate

• Painkiller

• Percocet

• Tramadol

• Fentanyl

• Hydrocodone

• Oxycodone

• Alcohol

• Cocaine and Stimulant

Our goal is to ensure that all our patients leave our center clean and better citizens, free from the pain of addiction.

2. Our Team of Professionals

We are dedicated to helping each one of our patients fight drug and substance addiction. We have, therefore invested in a team of highly trained, certified, and most importantly, dedicated experts that walk all our patients through the road to recovery. On-site we have accredited healthcare and clinical specialists who ensure that the recovery process goes as smoothly as possible without any health complications that may occur as a result of withdrawal. These experts focus on each patient individually because all drug addiction cases are different.

3. Our Services

With our primary goal being the total transformation, we offer a wide range of services. We acknowledge that different patients need different treatment plans to help them with their recovery. With this in mind, we always work out the best treatment plan with patients individually.

We offer different services to all our patients, which include medical and physiological evaluations as well as medication-assisted treatment for patients whose drug addiction has had a negative effect on their health. There is also addiction therapy for those who are trying to come out of the addiction and start a new lifestyle.

As a bonus, we also offer a broad range of home treatment programs and drug addiction counseling to ensure that our recovering patients do not fall back into the drug hook again.

4. Cost of Our Treatment

At Outreach Recovery, our services are affordable if you have medical insurance cover. The cost of your treatment will vary depending on your medical cover as the patient. The insurance covers all the expenses that pertain to medication and lab tests. Your type of insurance determines the consultation and office visit fee.

5. Our Behavioral Health Program

We understand that addiction is a battle that cannot be fought in a day. It may take months and sometimes years, to fully conquer it. This is why we have a behavioral health program that aims at giving our patients the strength to fight addiction to drugs on a daily basis. Our goal is to help each one of our patients achieve inner strength to resist the urge to go back to drug abuse. We help our patients find happiness and satisfaction through other avenues in life.


If you are battling addiction, chances are, you won’t win the battle by yourself. You will, therefore, need to make the bold move of speaking out for help. At Outreach Recovery, we encourage you to reach out for our readily available drug rehabilitation services. Our drug addiction rehabilitation programs, such as the behavioral health program and drug addiction counseling, could be all you need to reform your life for good.