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Ways to ensure your addiction treatment is a success

Battling a drug addiction is tough and choosing to enter Drug Addiction Treatment is one of the biggest decisions you can make. At Outreach Recovery Drug Addiction Treatment Clinic, we offer drug addiction treatments to people throughout the Mid Atlantic region. Whether you’re entering drug addiction therapy for the first time or you have experience with receiving treatment, the process can feel daunting. Because of that, we’re here to offer our tips for making your drug addiction treatment a success.

Find a way to channel your emotions

Moving through your drug addiction treatment may draw up a lot of negative and confusing emotions. A lot of patients find it useful to write out what those emotions are to try and alleviate their frustrations. If that doesn’t work for you, you can try talking to your therapy team about other emotional outlets that prove effective.

Remind yourself why you want to change

The decision to withdraw from drugs is a big one and it’s usually driven by a desire to change. Before you begin your Drug Addiction Treatment , you may find it useful to write a list of what changes you expect. Those changes could include stopping any negative behaviors that your drug use has resulted in. Keep your list so you can read it while you move through your treatment.

Reflect on the impact of your decision

Choosing to undergo addiction treatment is an overwhelmingly positive decision. Naturally, you’re going to feel some strains, which we will support you through. From the start of your treatment, you may find it useful to write down who has been affected by your drug use, including yourself. Then, write about how your decision to become drug-free will positively impact them in the future.

Choose to learn about your treatment

At Outreach Recovery Drug Addiction Treatment Clinic, our addiction treatment centers throughout Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Maryland use a variety of treatments. The type you’ll receive will depend on what you’re withdrawing from. However, it can include therapies such as Suboxone, Naloxone, and the use of Benzodiazepines for withdrawal symptoms. Some of our patients find it useful to learn more about how their treatments work. By understanding the positive changes you’re undergoing, you can increase your motivation to succeed with your treatment.

Create goals and tick them off

When you first consult with your Suboxone Doctorl team, they’ll help you measure your expectations. Depending on how long your recovery is set to take, you may want to create goals and tick them off as you go along. Doing so should boost your motivation and make it easier for you to move through the recovery process. In addition to creating goals that relate to stopping your opioid, heroin, fentanyl, or painkiller drug use, you can add other personal goals that your addiction has stopped you from achieving.

Remove reminders of your addiction

Removing reminders of your addiction is crucial if you want your treatment to be a success. Those reminders could include anything that triggers your drug use, such as stressors or alcohol. Similarly, you may want to create a list of situations and scenarios where your drug use is likely to take place. For example, if you’re aware that going to a party will result in you using drugs, avoid parties. Finally, make a note of who is likely to make your drug use worse. Stepping away from enablers is tough, but it’s necessary when you’re trying to rebuild your life.

With years of experience using drug addiction treatments to promote recovery, we have a high success rate. If you want to make a referral or discuss your addiction with us, contact us.