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Benefits of using telemedicine for Suboxone addiction treatment vs. going in person

The road to recovery can be long and winding. There are inevitably going to be bumps along the way and unplanned detours. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re forever lost should you end up on one of these detours. With the implementation of telemedicine, you can more easily find your way back. At Outreach Recovery, we want to help you find your way back as soon as possible and telemedicine Suboxone has proven to be one of those paths for many recovering addicts. It’s easy to be hesitant about telemedicine if you’ve never used it before, but we have a few ways that you can benefit from it during the early stages of recovery.

Easier to keep a routine

Part of reaching a healthy place in your addiction recovery is establishing a routine. This is a great way to ensure that you don’t have openings in your schedule that make it easy to relapse. With telemedicine, you’re better able to keep your routine as you often have someone readily available each day or once a week to meet with you and track your progress. This is much easier than driving to a clinic and meeting with your doctor or a sponsor as it entirely removes travel time.

Flexible scheduling

We’re all busy. Between work, managing relationships, and any other obligations that we have, it can be difficult to find the time necessary to meet with a doctor to get a Suboxone prescription. Telemedicine makes it much easier to schedule your appointments as you’re not beholden to traditional clinic hours and your doctor can meet with you anytime or any place. This makes for a much more flexible policy so you can fit time into your schedule.

Improved discretion

Anytime you go to a doctor’s office, you have to tell two or three people your story before you ever get to see the doctor. Not only are you telling them why you’re there, but you could also be inadvertently telling four or five other people in the room as they’re sitting within earshot of your conversation. Online visits with your doctor make for a much more discrete visit so you don’t have to worry about who else is around to hear what you have to say.

Saves money

There’s often a lot of overhead attached to running a medical clinic. When you see your doctor virtually, they can eliminate the majority of those costs because they simply need a private space to have a conversation with you. These savings will be passed on to you to help make your treatment much more affordable.

On-demand connectivity

One thing that has always made it difficult to speak with a doctor is availability. This can especially be a problem if you’re out of a Suboxone prescription and need renewal. With the help of telemedicine, you can often connect with your provider when you need to speak with them regarding a prescription or another matter involved with your treatment. This makes for much better treatment for you as you continue through recovery.

Schedule a virtual appointment

If you’d like to learn more about telemedicine Suboxone treatment, contact our team at Outreach Recovery. We work hard to create a no-judgment zone for anyone who needs help with addiction recovery. Find our location nearest you using our map or give us a call at 888.897.9284. We can help you find addiction treatment in your area so you can get started on your path to recovery.