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How to pick the perfect Montgomery County recovery house

After you leave a rehab facility, it’s important that you find a recovery house that’s going to help you effectively make the transition back into society. You must keep in mind that not all Montgomery County recovery houses are the same. You might find that some are run with loose regulations that aren’t conducive to maintaining sobriety. With help from Outreach Recovery, we can help you know what to look for in the perfect recovery house for you.

Choose a facility that looks nice

It’s said not to judge a book by its cover. However, you can often learn a lot about the inside of a home by looking at the outside. What’s more, it’s easy to see how the home is run by taking a quick walkthrough. You should visit a house before you apply for residency because you’re going to want to take a look at the living conditions, what all goes on in the house, and how it’s run. Take special note of what life will be like for you as you’re going to be committing to living there.

Verify admission requirements

It’s not uncommon for recovery houses to have different admission requirements based on who runs them and where they’re located. Ask about the requirements for residents so you can make sure that you’re entering an environment that’s going to be conducive to your recovery process. One of the primary requirements for admissions should be that residents must be free of alcohol and drug use. If not, this is a major red flag and a sign that you need to look elsewhere.

Requires regular drug testing

Part of maintaining a drug- and alcohol-free environment should include regular drug or toxicology testing. This ensures that everyone in the home is on the same page with their sobriety and can encourage one another to continue on the road to recovery. You’re going to be living in a recovery house to help you learn how to go about your daily life without drugs and alcohol, so it’s crucial that you put yourself in an environment that’s going to help you make the transition back to regular life.

House rules are clearly stated

Recovery houses often have strict rules that residents are required to live by. This can include jobs around the house to help keep you busy when you’re at home, curfew, when you do your laundry, and others. While these rules might feel like they’re put in place to treat those who live there like children, they’re enforced to ensure that you have a safe environment that has order. It’s not uncommon for those in addiction recovery to have to relearn the basics of social interaction as they’ve spent time with others who might not be functioning according to a societal norm. You’ll learn how to maintain a pleasant living space and be a high-functioning roommate at the same time.

Caring staff that is certified to provide care

There’s somewhat of a stereotype attached to recovery houses that says they’re poorly managed and run by people looking to make money. This might be the case for a few but is generally untrue. Part of vetting a halfway house is ensuring that it’s run by a certified team of providers who care about the residents. Speak with the care coordinator at the house to verify that the workers are certified in working with recovery patients so you can make sure you’re getting the highest level of care available.

Get in touch for more

If you’re not sure what all you should be looking for in Montgomery County recovery houses, get in touch with us at Outreach Recovery. We can help provide you with more things to look for in the perfect recovery house for you. Give us a call at 888.897.9284 or send a message using our contact form. We look forward to helping.