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Signs You Might Need Drug Counselling, and Accessing Mental Health Clinics With Outreach Recovery

Accepting that you have a drug problem, and admitting that you need help, are huge steps. However, with compassionate and dedicated drug counselling, you can cross the bridge from addiction to recovery and move on with your life. Here are the most common signs that drug counselling is necessary for you.

You Can’t Quit on Your Own

Although no one should face addiction problems on their own, many people do. Some people have no one else to turn to, and others are ashamed of their substance use. If you’ve tried to break your addiction alone, and it’s not working, it’s important that you get drugs counselling. Don’t walk the road to recovery on your own.

Your Personality Has Changed

Drugs can have a significant impact on your personality and behavior. Warning signs that you need drug counselling include:

  • Losing interest in hobbies and activities that you previously enjoyed.
  • Sleeping much more or less than usual.
  • Engaging in risky, dangerous behavior.
  • Lying to people you love or hiding your drug use.

These mood changes can make it much more difficult to break your drug abuse problem, which is why you need help.

Your Drug Use Affects Your Relationships

Drug use can affect who you’re friends with and how you interact with other people. Drugs may be damaging your professional and personal relationships if:

  • You let go of old friends in favor of those who also take drugs.
  • You ignore your family and those closest to you.
  • You’re skipping work or ignoring your obligations.

It’s important that you reach out for help before these relationship issues become serious. Long-term consequences can include unemployment, loss of parental rights, and permanently damaged relationships.

You’re No Longer Looking After Your Physical Health

Your physical health is hugely important. If you stop caring about how you look and feel, drugs are harming you. Get help if you are experiencing:

  • Frequent illness;
  • Slurred words;
  • Memory loss; or
  • Poor skin, teeth, hair, or nails.

Drugs can also cause numerous long-term health problems including cancer and liver disease, so it’s important that you take steps towards recovery as soon as possible.

Your Mental Health Is Suffering

Mental health changes can be so subtle that you don’t notice them at first. However, if mental health problems go unchecked, they can drastically reduce your quality of life. Signs that drugs are ruining your mental health include:

  • Depression and anxiety;
  • Increased irritability;
  • Changed sleep patterns, whether you’re sleeping much more or less;
  • Aggressive behavior;
  • Suicidal thoughts;
  • Sudden mood swings; and
  • Apathy i.e. you don’t care about anything anymore.

If your mood swings become violent or you behave erratically, you risk alienating friends and family and losing your career. You may even face jail time or permanently damage your reputation. Don’t let your mental health spiral out of control – mental health clinics nearby can support your journey to a drug-free life.

How Outreach Recovery Can Support Your Journey

At Outreach Recovery, we walk by your side on the road to recovery. Our Suboxone doctors, counselors, and therapists will guide you through the rehabilitation process and help you turn your life around. For more information on our mental health clinics nearby, and our drug counseling services, contact us today.