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The latest trends in telemedicine and remote drug counseling

With more patients needing addiction treatment than ever before, and overdose deaths on the rise, telehealth is a cost-effective way to reduce patient waiting times and streamline access to physicians, care providers, and counselors. Below, we consider what we can expect from virtual medicine in the next few years, and where the technology is heading.

Latest trends in telemedicine and drug counseling over the phone

From remote drug counseling to improved insurance cover, here’s a rundown of the key telemedicine trends for 2020 and beyond.

Less centralized healthcare

There’s a trend now towards practitioners offering specialized medical services in less centralized locations. In other words, we’re moving out of hospitals and into local communities, which is great because there’s now more flexibility in service offerings. We’ll also see improved standards of care where people need it most.

Improved care for vulnerable populations

Although younger generations are attracted to remote healthcare, telemedicine benefits vulnerable populations, including the elderly and those with chronic health conditions or addiction problems. These patients can now communicate with physicians from the comfort of their own home without worrying about making the trip to a hospital or other location.

Rise in remote drug counseling

There are many benefits to using technology to deliver drug counseling programs and other rehab services. Most importantly, patients can feel in control of their own recovery, and they can build long-term clinical relationships with their care providers. What’s more, patients can quickly give updates on their condition, and they can quickly contact their counselors in a crisis.

For us, remote drug counseling is a sustainable way to offer drug counseling programs to patients across the country.

Cheaper, more efficient healthcare

There’s evidence to suggest that virtual medicine makes healthcare treatment cheaper and more accessible for everyone, and it reduces travel times and travel costs for patients. It’s also making it easier for practitioners to manage chronic diseases and other long-term health issues, including addiction problems through, for example, drug counseling over the phone.

Better insurance coverage

Insurers are stepping up to cover remote and virtual healthcare as it grows in popularity and effectiveness. At Outreach Recovery, for example, we can often accept Medicaid, BCBS, and United Healthcare – this is great news for patients looking for flexible treatment options, including remote drug counseling.

The future of telemedicine

As remote healthcare becomes increasingly sophisticated, and more of us embrace virtual medicine, we can expect to see a rise in service offerings and a shift towards less centralized medical care, particularly for vulnerable demographics and people with long-term, serious health conditions.

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