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How to Get the Most from Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation by Outreach Recovery in Maryland

Making the first step on the road to recovery is an amazing feat to be celebrated. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth attempt, this could be the one that saves your life. Recovery isn’t easy, but there are things you can do to get the most out of treatment and set yourself up for the best possible outcome. At Outreach Recovery in Maryland, we’ll work as your doctors, therapists, advocates and support team to lift you up and help you out of the darkness of addiction and into the light of recovery.

The Right Mindset

You’re going to have difficult conversations, moments of vulnerability and activities to put you outside of your comfort zone. Know and make peace with this upfront. Nothing makes you more vulnerable than being incapacitated from your drug of choice. You’re here to do work in a supportive environment.

As soon as you make the decision to get help, we suggest making a handwritten list of the reasons you want to quit using drugs or alcohol. Some motivations for being successful are:

  • You want healthy relationships with your spouse, children, family and friends.
  • Addiction is threatening your livelihood.
  • Addiction is making you physically ill.
  • Your life has been in jeopardy by being in dangerous situations.
  • You’ve been in severe legal or financial trouble.
  • You’re experiencing blackouts and are losing time.

Every person’s reasons are different and unique to them. Having a list to refer back to may just be the motivational push you need when you feel down.

Take an Active Role

People who just “show up” are far less likely to be successful. We have tips for making sure you take an active role, dig deep to root causes and get clarity on your addiction:

  • Speak up in group settings.
  • Ask questions.
  • Be honest with your therapist.
  • Discuss interpersonal issues with other clients immediately.
  • Connect with others who are taking an active role in their recovery.
  • Ask for what you need in therapy.

Practice Mindfulness

Being able to connect with the very basic essence of yourself – your breath – can help you clear your mind of clutter. It can also help you shut down the addiction when it taps on your shoulder. Meditation is a great way to start a healthy practice of mindfulness. Try starting your day with 10 minutes of meditation and use breathing techniques to get you through rough patches along the way.

Celebrate Each Day

Every day, every minute you’re sober is a win – a BIG win. Make a list of things you’re grateful for and work up to being able to thoughtfully and honestly put yourself at the top of that list. Little things like writing yourself a congratulatory message will go a long way to replacing the negative self-talk that can plague you throughout your addiction.

Remember, You’re All in the Same Boat

Don’t fall into the trap of classifying clients on the road to recovery. Nobody is better than anyone else, and there’s no being “the best” at recovery. Strive to do your best every day and acknowledge that everyone is on their own journey, doing the best they can at any given moment.

Be Careful of the Company You Keep

Work with your therapist, counselors and peers to avoid people and places that encouraged your addiction. Toxic people will try to put up roadblocks on your road to recovery. Having a plan when you’re triggered so you can avoid those places and people could save your life by preventing a relapse.

Rely on Compassionate Experts

When you’re ready for an addiction-free life, give yourself the best chance at successful recovery by choosing Outreach Recovery in Maryland. Call us today at 888.897.9284. We’ll walk you through our treatment plans and help you get on the road to a healthier and happier you.