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Clearing up common myths about addiction clinics and recovery

When you’re trying to recover from an addiction, you’ll face all kinds of personal and external battles. No matter where you are on your journey, you’re also likely to hear some myths. At Outreach Recovery, our addiction clinics are located throughout Maryland. When patients first come to us, they often mention some of the myths that have made seeking treatment difficult. We’re here to explore them, and to dispel them, with the aim of making your journey easier.

MYTH 1: People choose to be addicted

Addiction is a disease that’s difficult to control. Nobody chooses to form an addiction, and there are lots of factors that influence whether you’ll develop one. At Outreach Recovery Center, we’ve found that a combination of genetics, negative experiences, and other environmental factors have resulted in our patients forming addictions.

It’s important not to let anyone make you feel as though your addiction is a poor choice. By accepting that you’re unwell and that it isn’t simply a matter of self-control, you can seek treatments that are appropriate for you. Our addiction clinics are here to help you free yourself from your disease.

MYTH 2: You have to reach rock bottom before you seek help

Although many people come to us when they do reach rock bottom, it’s a myth that you need to get there before we’ll help you. In addition to treating those who are at a low point in their lives, we treat functioning addicts. Functioning addicts are the people who have an addiction, but they manage to meet their day-to-day responsibilities anyway.

If treatment is something you’re considering, don’t assume that you’re not sick enough to reach out to us. We treat people at all stages of their addiction journeys, with high success rates.

MYTH 3: You can only be addicted to one substance at a time

Addicts don’t always remain loyal to one substance. Although many come to us with a specific addiction, such as cocaine or alcohol, some are struggling to battle addictions to two or more substances.

Once you’re addicted to one substance, it isn’t unusual to begin experimenting with others. Sometimes this happens because you’re chasing a new high, or because the substance you were addicted to is no longer enough. Whether you’re addicted to one substance or more, we can give you the help and support you need.

MYTH 4: Cold turkey is the only way

Going cold turkey isn’t the only way to treat an addiction. In fact, it can sometimes be both emotionally and biologically dangerous. Many of our patients go through gradual withdrawal programs. Sometimes this happens with the assistance of supportive drugs, such as suboxone.

The thought of going cold turkey can stop a lot of people from seeking treatment. It isn’t a pleasurable idea and many will wonder whether their resolve is strong enough to complete a program. Please be assured, we’ll offer you all the assistance we can to make sure you benefit from a comfortable and supportive recovery experience.

MYTH 5: Prescription drug addictions aren’t serious as addictions to illegal substances

You may believe that abusing a prescription drug isn’t as serious as abusing one that’s illegal. However, it’s worth considering that there are good reasons for certain drugs to be available under prescriptions only. Drugs such as fentanyl and morphine act as central nervous system depressants. Taking them in uncontrolled amounts can result in a coma or even death.

If you’re struggling with a prescription drug addiction, please know that it’s every bit as serious as taking anything you buy on the streets. We can provide you with the support you need to step away from substance abuse, and to help you lead a life free from the grips of addiction.

At Outreach Recovery, our addiction clinics are here to help you get the support you need. To make an appointment, call 888.897.9284.