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Top Five Addiction Counseling Techniques for an Effective Recovery

Recovering from addiction isn’t easy. There are many steps to take and processes to go through, making recovery more of a long journey than a simple medical treatment. At Outreach Recovery, we understand how dynamic the journey can be, whether this is someone’s first – or fourth – attempt at recovery. That’s why we offer a variety of addiction counseling techniques. By combining different techniques and methods, each of which serves an important purpose along the way, we’re able to achieve lasting results for our patients.

From our years of experience in counseling and treating individuals who are suffering from addiction, we’ve found that the following techniques are some of the most promising methods for recovery. Here’s a look at our top five addiction counseling techniques and complementary therapies and why we believe each offers value to the individual.

Psychiatric Evaluation

When we counsel patients through our drug and alcohol rehab center, we like to start with a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. We understand that often, underlying mental illnesses can lead to substance abuse and addiction problems.

People who struggle with depression, anxiety, and other conditions may be more prone to addiction. That’s why we take the time to do a full assessment, understanding each individual’s medicinal history, social environment, formative history, and mental health history. This method ensures that we can develop a personalized treatment plan for each individual we work with.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

When someone becomes addicted to a substance, whether it’s an illicit drug, prescription medications, or alcohol, their body chemistry changes. This is one of the reasons it’s so challenging to overcome addiction without medical help.

To help our patients, we work with them and any other involved medical professionals to create a tailored medication plan to help the individual during treatment. This helps to support our standard counseling services by helping the body safely cope with the transitional period. We have experience in helping our patients with a number of approved medication-assisted treatment drugs, including Suboxone for managing heroin addictions, Vivitrol for addiction to alcohol and opioid-based medicine, and Probuphine implants, a new methadone alternative that’s particularly helpful for those who are susceptible to a heroin addiction relapse.

Detoxing Counseling

Detoxing is a foundational part of any addiction recovery process. Through detoxing, it’s possible to remove toxins from the body so someone can move on from the physical addiction. The reality is, detoxing can have its own side effects, including anxiety, fatigue, and headaches. Depending on the individual’s needs, it may also take a period of weeks, or more, to go through the process.

At Outreach Recovery, we are here to discuss what an individual is going through so they can understand that this difficult period will result in a more empowered lifestyle, helping to give them the support and hope they need.

Behavioral Health Therapy

Another important addiction counseling technique we use is behavioral health therapy. We truly believe that wellness starts with the mind. With professional therapy, we can help an individual turn their perspective around so they can turn their life around. During counseling sessions, individuals learn vital coping skills that will help them to manage their cravings during and even after recovery.

Ketamine Treatment

It’s unfair to deny the extreme lows that can occur during the addiction recovery process. Some people face severe depression as well as ongoing pain. To help our patients, we offer ketamine therapy, which is a new treatment for pain and depression during recovery. We offer both ketamine infusions and nasal sprays, which can help an individual maintain a sense of calmness that can help them to persevere through the process.

To learn more about our addiction counseling services, reach out to us today. We can help patients throughout Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania recover from addiction.